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We are proud to announce that we have been featured in The National & the Gulf News Xpress.

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Welcome to Paws Pet Planet, home of dog training, daycare, grooming and behavioural work in Dubai

Paws Pet Planet based in Dubaiis the first-of-its-kind facility in the Gulf.

At Paws Pet Planet, our mission is to improve the quality of your dogs life, be it through dog training, daycare,behaviouralproblems, dog groomingor a play in our daycare area.

Our facility, the first of itskind in Dubai,boasts 20,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor play areas for plenty of space to frolic off-leash. The 7,000sq ft indoor area is temperature controlled, and in the nice weather the dogs have access to the garden and splash pools.

Our dog training centre helps owners train and manage their dogs so they are relaxed, happy and sociable. We aim to promote understanding between owner and dog, thereby strengthening your relationship with your dog. We only use reward based training and behaviour modification methods and our highly trained staff are fully qualified to assist.
Whatever service you choose with us, we will ensure both you and your dog have fun, fun, fun!!!

About Us - What sets us apart from the rest?

At Paws Pet Planet our staff are highly qualified and our methods are based on ethical scientifically proven learning theories. Our methodology is what holds our facility apart from the rest in the region. We adhere to a strict code of conduct to the esteemed organisations we are affiliated to, which are considered the highestgoverning bodiesin the UK. When searching for a dogtrainer or behaviourist, research the organisations the traineris affiliated to.Eachorganisation has a different code of conduct and it is important you research this well. For example, the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) in the USAdoes NOT have the same code of conduct or stringent member affiliation as the APDT UK. We are members of the APDT UK.? You would not allow an unqualified therapist or teacher for your child, the same should apply to the animal in your home. Many behavioural issues can arise from the wrong training methods even those these methods may appear to initially be working.

Our trainers andbehaviourists are APBC ( registered. We are the ONLY company in the UAE that provide such highly certified trainers by reputable recognised industry standard colleges and bodies such asthe APDT UK(Association of Pet Dog Trainers), the APBC (Association of Pet Behaviour Councellors)the CCPDT (Council for Professional Dog Trainers), COAPE (Centre of Applied Pet Ethology) and the Animal Care College (UK), CAP (Clicker Training Competency Assessment Programme).

The criteria for membership of these bodies is based on the applicants ability to demonstrate excellent practical and handling skills and the ability to handle a variety of behaviours. Applicants must also demonstrate an excellent understanding of learning theory and ethology, instructing skills and equipment. It is not possible to become accredited by simply paying a membership fee or joining the group.

Continued education and study is of utmost importance. New methods and techniques are constantly evolving and therefore it is imperative that new studies are watched and our staff are constantly progressing and striving to keep at the top of their profession. Each of our dog trainers have invested time and considerable personal finance to be able to instruct and give you correct and safe information.

The minimum study period invested by any of our dog trainers is 2 years. Before enrolling you and your dog with a behaviourist or trainer, investigate certification & qualifications and always research the certifying body and assessment criteria as there are many groups and associations being formed which at first glance may sound impressive, but membership criteria should be stringent as should the code of ethics.


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